Monday, January 7, 2013

Indie Review: Rainbird by Rabia Gale

By: Rabia Gale
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Please Note: This is a novelle and, therefore, not a full-length novel.

She’s a halfbreed in hiding.

Rainbird never belonged. To one race, she’s chattel. To the other, she’s an abomination that should never have existed.

She lives on the sunway.

High above the ground, Rainbird is safe, as long as she does her job, keeps her head down, and never ever draws attention to herself.

But one act of sabotage is about to change everything.

For Rainbird. And for her world.

About the Author:

I break fairy tales and fuse fantasy and science fiction. I love to write about flawed heroes who never give up, transformation and redemption, and things from outer space. In my spare time, I read, doodle, eat chocolate, avoid housework, and homeschool my three children.
A native of Pakistan, I grew up in hot, humid Karachi. I then spent almost a decade in Northern New England where I learned to love fall, tolerate snow, and be snobbish about maple syrup and sweet corn. I now live in Northern Virginia.

My Thoughts:
Gale has penned one of the most unique worlds that I have ever read.

Rainbird starts off slow. In her narrative, Rainbird uses a lot of unusual names and terms and I found myself a bit overwhelmed, but once you get used to this, you truly grow to appreciate the environment that Gale has imagined.

In Rainbird, everyone dwells on and within a Dragon, they also live off of said Dragon- never would have thought to craft a setting such as this! The novella starts out with Rainbird discovering an crack/infestation on the third rib bone of the Dragon (a section she isn't suppose to be in) and the story begins to unfold from the ramifications of both these facts.

Readers will appreciate the multiple third-person-narratives of Gale's characters and the struggles Rainbird faces with her rough and heartbreaking upbringing. I appreciated her optimism despite all she faces (i.e. not truly fitting in anywhere).

While I prefer my YA to have stronger (or any) undertones of romance, I do believe that fans of Fantasy will truly appreciate the unique world that Gale has created in Rainbird.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Wow. What an interesting concept! The idea of creatures living in & on a dragon is so cool. Rainbird sounds like a beautiful character & story.

    Great review!

  2. This sounds really cool! Adding it to the TBR list!