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Discovery Blog Tour: Review Stop


By: Lisa White
Now Available!
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Discovery on Goodreads here.
Grace Mackay thought she was normal, a little shy maybe, but no less normal than any other struggling young waitress.  But she did not know about the secretive Powers world.  She did not know she was the only key to the Powers’ survival.  And she certainly did not know her newest boyfriend, Gregory, was an Anti-Powers prince who intended to break her heart and her bones in no particular order.
But when she discovers that Ben, her best friend and unrequited former crush, is actually her secret Guardian with superhuman powers, Grace’s normal world turns upside down.  And when she learns that she has the Gift, the rare power to heal the injured and resurrect life with her touch, it is official – Grace is a weirdo even in the Powers world.  But what freaks Grace out more than all that is the fact she has feelings for Ben again – and he has feelings for her – which makes Grace’s new normal a lot more complicated.
Discovery is the first book in the Council of Powers trilogy and is available at all major eBook retailers.
My Thoughts:
Gotta love Superheros!

I really enjoyed Lisa's first book in her Council of Powers trilogy. There was a lot of story and the characters were all well developed. What I really appreciated was that the evil guys WERE actually the bad guys, no shades of grey in this trilogy!

I loved the relationship between Grace and Ben and how protective he was over her. Grace is a great heroine and a genuinely likeable character, and Ben was a perfect partner for her. But than we have the gorgeous and charming Gregory, who broke my heart. That's all I'm going to say about him.

There were a few factors about Discovery that kind of irked me a bit. The main one was the narration, Discovery is told from multiple perspectives and I got a bit confused with who was who within the first quarter of Discovery. I think I would have preferred to have the story completely narrated from Grace's first or third person narration. Another minor factor that I found distracting, was the age of the main character and two best friends. They're all suppose to be in their early to mid 20s, but I honestly kept forgetting this fact because while reading the dialogue between them all, they seemed to be better suited for senior high school students. But with that said, I still really enjoyed the interaction between these "Three Amigos" and truly felt the comradery between them all.

Overall, I would recommend Discovery to those who enjoy a YA read with a healthy combination of fantasy, action and romance!

Happy Reading!!!

Lisa White

About Lisa White

Lisa White was born Tennessee and raised in Virginia. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Italian language and literature, she obtained her law degree from the University of Richmond School of Law.

When not practicing law, Lisa enjoys gardening, spending time with friends and family, and, of course, writing romance novels. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Her first novel, The Laws of Love, was released by Crimson Romance in July 2012. In April 2013, Crimson Romance released her second novel, Discovery, the first book in her Council of Powers trilogy.Discovery is a new adult paranormal romance where two friends discover hidden powers and the love that makes these powers great.
Lisa currently lives in Southwest Virginia with her husband and two children where she is frantically writing another story in which her readers can escape…one page at a time.
Like Lisa on Facebook. You can find Lisa’s books at AmazonBarnes and Noble, iTunes, and Goodreads.
Connect with Lisa on Facebook here

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ARC Review: Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

Through The Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles #2)
by: Gena Showalter
Release Date: September 24th/13.
Publisher: HarlequinTEEN
Source: ARC from Publisher
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
Inspired by the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland, this harrowing and romantic story features teen zombie slayer Alice Bell who has lost so much—family, friends, her home. After a strange new zombie attack, Alice fears she may be losing her mind as well. A terrible darkness blooms inside her, urging her to do wicked things. The whispers of the dead assault her ears and mirrors seem to come frighteningly to life. She’s never needed her team of zombie slayers more—including her boyfriend, Cole—than she does now. But as Cole strangely withdraws and the zombies gain new strength, Ali knows one false step may doom them all.

My Thoughts:
I can't get enough of this series!

This book was basically my travel companion all throughout my trip to NY/BEA, short of the bathroom, I took this one everywhere with me, and whenever I had time while waiting in line, I would pull it out to read, it killed me each time I had to put it down. It's a sequel that will suck you in with its action and well-developed characters, but what will REALLY keep you turning the pages, is the heat that Showalter has written and continues to write, between Ali and Cole.

But there's a bit of trouble in store for these two lovebirds, with the arrival of two new Zombie slayers from Cole's past, one who's set her sights on winning him back, while the other may have a future with Alice, that neither or she is fully comfortable with. Now I feel it's important to warn all Cole fans to tread lightly when diving into this read (and yes I realize the irony of this statement) because this man, while sexy as hell, will frustrate you to know end with his hot and cold behaviour. 

Confused with Cole's odd behaviour, Ali is forced to deal with her own inner demons (literally), I guess it's a good thing she's got Gavin to comfort her in her hour of need. But something more sinister is brewing in their small town and there just may be a spy among their group of Demon Slayers, but who could it be?

Will Ali be able to overcome the darkness growing inside her and keep new girl, Veronica, from stealing her man? Read Through the Zombie Glass and find out! :)

I devoured this book and am on the edge of my seat waiting for book #3. I'm not sure I'm gonna make it! I would recommend this series to all Romance fans, but there's definitely enough Zombie-fighting action to satisfy those who enjoy a more adventurous read.

Happy Reading!!!

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What's the Story McCoy? The long over due version...

Hey guys! I'm sorry for the lack of posts this month, I've been catching up on A LOT of reading over July and have decided to do a new meme for August entitle POOL READS for the Summer, all of these reads will have mini reviews, so be on the look out for the first one August 1st!

Also want to apologize for rushing through this video, I tend to ramble on so I wanted to be as quick as possible so the video didn't go on forever, because I know you've got places to be! :)

Here are the Goods I got these past couple weeks:

That's My Story this week, huge thanks to Random House Canada, Simon and Schuster Canada, HarlequinTEEN, Montana and Penguin Canada for making it a truly epic one!

What's your story? 

Happy reading!!!

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ARC Review: The Defiance by A.G. Henley

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THE DEFIANCE (Brilliant Darkness, #2)
By: A.G. Henley
Release date: July 29th/13.
The Defiance on Goodreads here.
Suspicion Trust. Fear Compassion. Hate Love.
Fennel and Peree learned the truth: the Scourge, and their world, is not what it seems. Now they need to convince their people that everything they believe is a lie.
An impossible task, especially when someone seems resolved to try anything—even arson and butchery—to destroy Fenn and Peree’s new bond and crush the frail truce between the Groundlings and the Lofties.
Unable to tell friend from foe and with the Scourge pushing both groups to the breaking point, Fenn must again decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to ensure the people of the forest’s future.
Only this time, the price of peace may be too high to bear.

My Thoughts:
I absolutely LOVED THE SCOURGE a 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist (you can read my review here)

So I knew I was going to love The Defiance as well, let me tell you, I had very high hopes for this follow-up novel, and Henley DEFINITELY delivers in her sophomore release!

I so enjoyed the fact that Fenn and Peree, despite their families' reservations, fight to be together. Peree wants nothing more than for Fenn, him, and Eland to go Koolkuna, while Fenn (being the kind soul she is) wants to stay to try and convince both the Groundlings and Lofties to leave with them. Peree continues to be an amazing hero who just adores Fenn (seriously this guy is sooooo swoon-worthy).

The Defiance continues to be narrated from Fenn's first-person-perspective, and it still astonishes me how imaginative this narration is considering it's coming from someone who is "sightless" you truly forget this aspect of Fenn and I think that's a true testament to Henley's talent.

I did ball my eyes out at one part of this book though, I won't say why because I think it's a truly pivotal moment in the book and I wouldn't want to take it away from another reader. There was a lot of great character development in this second instalment. The best thing about this series, is that I adore the secondary characters as well. I adore Bear and always just want to give him a hug, but I'm actually surprised by how much Morray has grown on me. I'm not sure why, and I'm still not sure he's completely trustworthy, but I can't help but warm up to him just the tiniest bit. 

There's a lot of deceit and loss in this instalment and the romance and love story between Fenn and Peree will have fans of Henley's Brilliant Darkness series devouring The Defiance. I still don't know how I'm going to be able to wait for The Fire Sisters (Brilliant Darkness #3).

Thanks Henley for this "Brilliant" continuation!

Happy Reading!!!

The Defiance is exclusively available from Amazon, go here to yourself a copy!!!
About the Author:
A.G. Henley is the author of the BRILLIANT DARKNESS series. Her first book, THE SCOURGE,
was a finalist for the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award.

A.G. is also a clinical psychologist, which means people either tell her their life stories on airplanes, or avoid her at parties when they've had too much to drink. Neither of which she minds. When she's not writing fiction or shrinking heads, she can be found herding her children and their scruffy dog, Guapo, to various activities while trying to remember whatever she's inevitably forgotten to tell her husband. She lives in Denver, Colorado. Learn more at aghenley.com 
Connect with Henley:
Giveaway time!!! Aimee is giving away an e-copy of THE DEFIANCE to one lucky winner! Open internationally! Good luck to all!!!

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Touching Melody Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

Today, I'm happy to be one of the blog stops kicking off the Touching Melody Blog Tour, to celebrate the release of Workman's latest novel!

Touching Melody
By: RaShelle Workman
Now Available!!!
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
Maddie Martin's first weekend at college is nothing like she's used to. It's wild, like the wilderness on which the University of Bellam Springs sits. Roped into going to a fraternity party, she literally runs into Kyle Hadley. The boy she's loved since she was nine. The boy she promised all of her firsts to. But that was before his father killed her parents. 

Determined to stay away from him, she throws herself into her music. Practicing piano eases her heavy heart, calms the sadness, and pushes away images of Kyle's face. 

Until it doesn't. 

Her music professor asks her to play a duet for their annual Winter Gala. Doing so means she'll be assured another full ride scholarship. It's an opportunity she can't pass up. 

But Kyle is the other half of the duet. And that means hours and hours of practicing. 

Weeks of seclusion - just the two of them. And it's more than just music. It's passion like Maddie never believed was possible. 

The inevitable happens. She falls in love with him all over again. 

But, will loving him be enough to erase all the hate in her heart for his father? Can she look at him, and not see the evil in his family tree?

And maybe it's all a set up. Maybe Kyle is only pretending to care so he can finish what his father started, and kill her too.

Purchase Link: Amazon

My Thoughts:
A angst-filled release that's sure to delight New Adult addicts!

I had my doubts when first going into Touching Melody, because, to be perfectly honest, I didn't find Maddie or Kyle the most likeable of characters within the first few chapters. I was also a little frustrated with the way these two were separated, my heart went out to Kyle, because I really felt like he got the crappy end of the stick, being blamed for his father's actions. And I was beyond livid with Maddie's aunt for instructing her to keep her mouth shut and shying her away from her childhood love. I mean seriously? What was this woman thinking?

But I must admit, I got sucked into the reunion of these two and I was rooting for them both. They've both been damaged from the events that transpired years before between their parents, and as a result, neither has fully healed, but rather, have found ways to cope with their emotional damages. Kyle with women and Maddie through her music and tattoos. It would seem the only way these two can fully learn to heal, is in the arms of each other, but will they be able to put their pasts behind them and learn to move on to their Happily-Ever-After? Well you'll have to read Touching Melody to find out ;).

Touching Melody, while angst-ridden, is an incredibly fast read, perfect for the beach. Told from the duel perspectives of Maddie and Kyle with priority given to Maddie, Touching Melody's plot moves solidly through its character development and intense romance!

If you enjoy an intense romance filled with angst, give Touching Melody a try!

Happy Reading!!!

About the Author:

RaShelle Workman is the bestselling author of the Dead Roses series ("Sleeping Roses" is
being translated into Turkish, and will be available in print wherever Turkish books are sold in 2014), the Immortal Essence series, and the Blood and Snow series. She's sold over two hundred thousand copies of her novels worldwide in the past year, including Japan, Canada, and Europe. You can find RaShelle all over the web, but the best place to start is on her blog:www.rashelleworkman.com.

Author links:

But wait! Before you leave be sure to enter the giveaway RaShelle has going on for her fans. You could win a $75 Amazon Gift Card! Open internationally!!! Good luck to all who enter :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Special thanks to RaShelle and Xpresso Book Tours for
allowing me to participate in this tour!

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Luncheon with Jessica Spotswood & Emily Pohl-Weary Re-cap

Hey fellow book lovers! So I had the awesome opportunity to visit Penguin Canada's offices last Friday, for lunch and Q&A with Razorbill authors, Emily Pohl-Weary and Jessica Spotswood, where we discussed their new and upcoming releases!
Vikki VanSickle did a fabulous job leading the Q&A during the lunch, and I
learnt a lot of interesting things about these two YA authors, including their writing inspirations, which for Emily was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight- she wanted to write a kick-ass heroine worthy of the attention Bella received from Edward and Jacob. Jessica's character inspirations, however, come from a more personal experience as the Witches of the Cahill Sisterhood are inspired by her own two sisters!
Both authors were in complete agreement though that they both wanted to create a story with strong and independent heroines, and I must say Emily Jessica, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Of course, it always helps to have a strong hero (for back-up that is) :).

Titles discussed during this lunch were:

JESSICA SPOTSWOOD'S The Cahill Witch Chronicles
Star Cursed (Cahill Witch Chronicles #2)
Order Star Cursed here.
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
With the Brotherhood persecuting witches like never before, a divided Sisterhood desperately needs Cate to come into her Prophesied powers. And after Cate's friend Sachi is arrested for using magic, a war-thirsty Sister offers to help her find answers—if Cate is willing to endanger everyone she loves.

Cate doesn't want to be a weapon, and she doesn't want to involve her friends and Finn in the Sisterhood's schemes. But when Maura and Tess join the Sisterhood, Maura makes it clear that she'll do whatever it takes to lead the witches to victory. Even if it means sacrifices. Even if it means overthrowing Cate. Even if it means all-out war.

In the highly anticipated sequel to Born Wicked, the Cahill Witch Chronicles continue Cate, Maura and Tess's quest to find love, protect family, and explore their magic against all odds in an alternate history of New England.

Don't miss the book that started it all! 
Go here to check out BORN WICKED (The Cahill Witch Chronicles #1)

EMILY POHL-WEARY'S Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl
Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl
Release Date: September 24th/13.
Publisher: Razorbill Canada
Pre-order your copy here.
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
Sometimes Living in the Big Apple Really Bites!

Eighteen-year-old rock star Sam Lee isn't like other girls. She's the super-talented bass player and songwriter for an all-girl indie band and an incurable loner. Then one night after a concert in Central Park, she's attacked by a wild dog.

Suddenly, this long-time vegetarian is craving meat--the bloodier, the better. Sam finds herself with an unbelievable secret and no one she trusts to share it. And so begin the endless lies to cover up the hairy truth...

When a new girl gang appears in the city--with claws and paws--Sam suspects there's a connection to her own inner beast. Trapped in a tug-of-war between her animal and human selves, forced to choose between the guy who sparked her carnal appetite and the one who makes her feel like a normal teenage girl, Sam has to unravel the mysteries of the werewolf world before her bandmates, her mother, and the media catch up to her.

Here are the goodies I got to take home with me (all three books are signed):
I've been hearing great things about The Bone Season so I'm super excited to get started on this one!

It was fabulous meeting Emily and Jessica, and I want to thank Penguin/Razorbill Canada for inviting me to this lovely lunch and thanks so much to Emily and Jessica for taking the time to chat with all us book lovers! You're awesome!

Happy Reading!!!

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Shudder Blog Tour: Review, Teaser & GIVEAWAY

Today, I'm happy to be one the stop hosts for the Shudder Blog Tour to celebrate the release of the second instalment of the Stitch Trilogy!

Shudder (Stitch #2)
by: Samantha Durante
Now Available!!!
Source: Review copy from Author.
Order your copy of Shudder here.
Shudder on Goodreads here.
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
It's only been three days, and already everything is different.

Paragon is behind her, but somehow Alessa's life may actually have gotten worse. In a wrenching twist of fate, she traded the safety and companionship of her sister for that of her true love, losing a vital partner she'd counted on for the ordeal ahead. Her comfortable university life is but a distant memory, as she faces the prospect of surviving a bleak winter on the meager remains of a ravaged world. And if she'd thought she'd tasted fear upon seeing a ghost, she was wrong; now she's discovering new depths of terror while being hunted by a deadly virus and a terrifying pack of superhuman creatures thirsting for blood.

And then there are the visions.

The memory-altering "stitch" unlocked something in Alessa's mind, and now she can't shake the constant flood of alien feelings ransacking her emotions. Haunting memories of an old flame are driving a deep and painful rift into her once-secure relationship. And a series of staggering revelations about the treacherous Engineers - and the bone-chilling deceit shrouding her world's sorry history - will soon leave Alessa reeling...

The second installment in the electrifying Stitch Trilogy, Shudder follows Samantha Durante's shocking and innovative debut with a heart-pounding, paranormal-dusted dystopian adventure sure to keep the pages turning.

My Thoughts:
Warning!!! This review may contain (probably does) spoilers for Book 1, Stitch. You have been warned!
Great follow-up to Durante's debut hit, Stitch!

People, you have to read this series, it's so addictive. Shudder continues Alessa and Issac's journey in escaping the dramatic claws of Paragon, and trying to find their way together in the "real world". It was great to see these together from the get go, and I absolutely LOVED that their relationship had already developed in Stitch, however, they still have a lot of bumps left in the road... 

Alessa can't shake the feeling that someone, or something is following her and as a result she's suspicious of everyone and everything through the entire plot of Shudder. We see a lot of depth and growth with Alessa in this second instalment. She's faced with grief at the loss of a close friend and the threat of loss to a loved one and things are happening to her that she can't quite seem to make sense of, memories and feelings that aren't her own. Could she be developing some crazy superpowers? Well you'll have to read to find out! ;)

It was great to have, once again, a few chapters dedicated to Issac's narrative. I love this man almost as much as Alessa does. And the great thing about being multiple narrative in this series is that it allows for so much more story and action, because we're given much more plot and scenes that Alessa isn't even a part of and I enjoy the opportunity to get into his head and confirm his feelings for Alessa (cause I'm just corny like that :)). Issac does have his battles to deal with in this instalment though, and he did give me quite a scare (but I'm not telling what that scare was ;)).

Tons of action and adventure to be had in this sequel, much more than its predecessor. I thought the major plot twist of Stitch was bad, but the ending of Shudder was killer! Seriously Samantha?! Come on, what are you trying to do to us with that cliffhanger? haha
After that ending, I think we're gonna have a real love triangle on our hands for book 3, Stuck. Luckily Durante includes a teaser excerpt of Stuck at the end of Shudder, but I still need more!

Can Less and Issac ever truly escape their "dramatic" past and the deadly virus that seems to be plaguing the "outside" world? Well you'll have to read to find out!

If you enjoy great and unique combination of Romance, Dystopian and Sci-fi in your YA, you've got to give Durante's Stitch trilogy a try. BUT PLEASE READ STITCH FIRST, because, trust me, you'll be lost while reading Shudder without it :)

Happy Reading!!!

Here's a teaser from Shudder, just for you!
The Draftsman met her eyes earnestly.  “Listen, Phoenix.  I know Paragon is not the best place ever created.  But if you were the person you remind me of – if you were my granddaughter – I’d tell you to look at it from this perspective: we’re alive, right?  We’re fed, we’re clothed, and we’re not at war any longer.  Our planet is slowly recovering, and someday we’ll even be able to leave this compound again.  We’ll be able to really start over.”
He stroked his beard for a moment before leaning in toward her, his voice barely above a whisper.  “I’ll admit I had more than a few reservations when the Developer first approached me, Phoenix.  But the plans were already in motion, whether I got on board or not.  Perhaps I’m a coward,” he admitted, shame coloring his features, “but I quickly realized that I was better off with them than against them.”
He raised one eyebrow and held her gaze with a meaningful look.  “You think on that now.”
Phoenix caught the subtle note of warning in his tone, but before she could ask him what he meant, a familiar mechanical whoosh broke the silence and the Developer poked his long, greasy face in the doorway.  His eyes slid over Phoenix and landed on the Draftsman.
The Developer’s voice sounded its familiar whiny twang as he beckoned at Pascal to follow.  “We have an issue in the holding cells,” he wheezed.  He turned abruptly and left.
Pascal stood and shuffled after him, but looked back at the doorway with one final message, imploring.  “Remember what I said, Phoenix.  Please.  Pick the right team.  Trust me, you don’t want to get this one wrong.”

About the Author:

Samantha Durante lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband, Sudeep, and her cat, Gio.Formerly an engineer at Microsoft, Samantha left the world of software in 2010 to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and a lifelong love of writing. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, Samantha is currently working full time for her company Medley Media Associates as a freelance business writer and communications consultant. The Stitch Trilogy is her debut series.

Connect with Samantha:
Author Website | Goodreads | Twitter

Giveaway time!!! Samantha has a great giveaway for her fans, fill out the Rafflecopter below and you could be the lucky winner!
Good luck to all!!!

Enter the Giveaway HERE!!!

Haven’t read the first book in the series? Check out my review here.  Just $0.99 at Amazon!

Special thanks to Samantha for allowing me to participate in this tour!!!