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This Holiday Season, Give Joy, Donate a Book!

Help the Salvation Army reach 

by December 22nd, with

I have always loved this time of year. I was one of those kids that searched out for their unwrapped christmas presents around the house (until my Mom caught and started leaving them at friends and family's houses - I'm ashamed that I'm not even joking about this haha)

I would come home for lunch, with my sister, and sit by the Tree shaking the wrapped presents trying to guess what was in each. I'd wake up at 4-5am every Christmas morning eager to see what Santa left under the tree or in my stocking- I smile just thinking about it all now.

I remember my parents would always say, "Hayley, it's not about the presents, but the time spent with the ones you love" I remember I use to think "Yeah, ok Mom" while rolling my eyes.

Now that I'm an adult, I have to admit I owe my parents a HUGE apology and THANK YOU for always making every year a special one, I'm so grateful to have had such wonderful Christmases with you! 

I don't know if you've ever heard the song, "Grown-up Christmas wish" but I relate to it more and more every year, and so this Christmas I want to give back and what better way than WITH BOOKS!!!!

There are many charities to donate to at this time of year, but I decided to donate to TOY MOUNTAIN/The Salvation Army!

Toy Mountain is in need of donations geared towards teenage girls (13-15), and Young Adult books are a great way to spread holiday cheer!

Here's my donation:

Of course, I don't want to pressure anyone to feel they have to donate, but maybe there's an unread book on your shelf, where the spine hasn't even been cracked, of course you want to read it, but there just never seems to be any time with your ever growing TBR pile.

Why not donate that book now, and purchase it in paperback at a later date, when you have time to read it :) It's a great way to go through your book shelves and give back!

And if you don't want to part with your beloved books (which I completely understand) a Chapters/Indigo gift card, would make a terrific gift!

If you do decide to donate, or want more details, go to the TOY MOUNTAIN WEBSITE, they have separate sites for their TORONTO, OTTAWA, VANCOUVER and WINNIPEG locations and each site has dates and drop-off locations.

Or tweet them at @ToyMountain with any questions or a picture of your donation! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful BOOK-FILLED holiday season!

Happy Holiday Reading!!!

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