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Indie Review: One Song Away by Molli Moran

One Song Away
by: Molli Moran
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Cover image and synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
She needs a fill-in boyfriend. He needs a favor. It’s the perfect, no-strings arrangement until they both realize it’s too real…
Sophie-Claire Wright’s life is like a bad country song on repeat. She keeps running into her cheating ex, her songwriting career isn't taking off, and her roommate just kicked her out of their apartment. With nothing to lose, she decides to do the one thing she said she’d never do: she moves back home. She left her small Southern town with big dreams, but now she’s going home with empty pockets.

Life moves at a slower pace in Sophie’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hometown, but her well-meaning, matchmaking mama doesn't have a slow gear. Sophie invents a boyfriend to hold off her mother’s efforts, but she’s out of luck when her mom wants to meet him. Sophie panics until she runs into Jake Cooper. Her high school crush (and former best friend) is back in town, too, and when he asks her for a favor, she agrees...on one condition. He says he’ll be her fill-in boyfriend, so it should be simple: re-introduce him to her family and then “break up” with him after a few weeks.

Sophie is sure she’ll be able to resist Jake this time. Sure, she was in love with him years ago, but that was then. This is now, no matter how great he looks, or how she feels around him. But she didn't bargain for moments that feel all too genuine. Dates that don’t seem fake. Kisses that leave her shaken and wanting more. Sweet moments where she forgets they aren't really dating. And she didn't count on old feelings resurfacing and complicating their arrangement—which is starting to feel less like acting and more like the real deal.

Soon, Sophie can’t tell which kisses are real or fake, but she knows she’s in deep...and she thinks Jake is, too. When she gets a chance to go back to Nashville and chase her dreams again, she has a choice to make: stay or go? Continue hoping that the life she wants is one song away, or finally write her own song?

My Thoughts:
A light-hearted romance that can be read within one sitting!

I think fans of Hart of Dixie and Nashville, will enjoy Sophie's story, and the many characters that surround her. One Song Away is told completely from Sophie's first person point of view, and readers will find her narration relatable and easy to follow. She's in her mid-twenties but still struggling to find her "success" in the world, a struggle many New Adults can relate to in this day and age. But, with the help of family and friends, Sophie continues to stay positive. Of course it doesn't hurt to have the support of her childhood best-friend and first love.

Which brings us to Jake/Coop, he's a gorgeous man and the outside and inside, and I enjoyed his continued confidence and positivity. The romance between these two is very sweet, although after a while I kind of just wanted to clunk their heads together and say "Come on, we all know you're not "pretending" to be in love".

Although I thought the beginning seemed a bit rushed, I feel like a bit more time could have been given to the build-up of Sophie needing Jake as a "fake" boyfriend, I ultimately enjoyed the scenes, between these two, that followed as they got to get to know each other all over again.

There's not much action in this novel as it is character driven, with a large emphasis on the relationship between Sophie and Jake, but it's also about a young woman finding her place in the adult world.

If you enjoy a light romance with fun characters, give One Song Away a chance!

Happy Reading!!!
Q&A with Molli Moran
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Hi Hayley! Hi blog readers! *waves* Thanks so much to Hayley for having me here, and giving me the chance to talk a little about my upcoming New Adult contemporary romance, ONE SONG AWAY

 What three words would you use to describe One Song Away? 
Romantic, Heartwarming, Bravery

What can readers expect from One Song Away? 
Originally I wanted to write a fun story, and while I think ONE SONG AWAY has fun moments, it took on more meaning than I planned. So I think readers can expect a sort of Southern set romantic comedy but with a lot of heart, kissing, and country music. 

 What struggles did you face, while writing One Song Away or New Adult in general? Writing ONE SONG AWAY was easy for me, but I've struggled some since writing my first New Adult book, in that one of my goals is to bring more awareness of what New Adult really *is* versus what it isn't. There are still a great many misconceptions (mainly that New Adult books are just sex) that I want to work to change. 

Do you plan to continue Sophie's journey? Or could we see a spin-off novel, possible from "his" point of view :)? 
Right now, my only plans are for a book featuring Sloane, Sophie's best friend in ONE SONG AWAY, but I won't rule out possible novella or follow-up including Jake's point of view! 

Which character would you say you relate to the most? What about the least? Why? 
I think I relate to Sloane the most. Whereas Sophie-Claire tends to leap without thinking, Sloane and I both plan a bit more, and we're a bit more positive thinking. The least...hmm, probably Sophie's sister Cassidy. Cassidy is the classic "good girl," and I'm not *quite* that good. ;) 

If you could write a country song on your life, what would you title it? Why? 
HAHA, what a wonderful question. Oh man, I'd probably title it A Coffee Lover's Heartbreak, because I adore coffee, but despite how much I drink, I can never get ALL the things done.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 
Never give up, because it's one thing to become an author, but if you're a writer, it's in your blood. Keep reading everything, keep writing and growing. Make mistakes, write books you'll never publish. Just keep trying and learning, and never give up. 

Thank you, Molli, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


  1. Wow! I just discovered your blog, and I love it. Your review style is absolutely wonderful. Romance is always a hit with me, and I definitely want to pick up this book now, gosh. Lovely review!

  2. it sounds like for anyone that needs a quick romance pick up, this is the book to get.

  3. Looks great! I am officially starting my blog within the next few weeks, and I definitely want to get my paws on this. Good post, and good blog.

  4. Hmmm... I generally don't like a lot of contemporary romances, but I think I would really like this book from what you said! Thanks for posting your thoughts and the Q&A!!

  5. I'm not a big fan of contemporary, but Hart of Dixie is great, so maybe I'll give this a try.