Monday, August 4, 2014

Middle Grade Monday with Ava: The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable

The Wolf PrincessThe Wolf Princess
by: Cathryn Constable
Now available!!!
Publisher: Chicken House (Scholastic)
Source: ARC received from publisher
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
Alone in the world, Sophie dreams of being someone special, but she could never have imagined this.

On a school trip to Russia, Sophie and her two friends find themselves on the wrong train. They are rescued by the beautiful Princess Anna Volkonskaya, who takes them to her winter palace and mesmerises them with stories of lost diamonds and a tragic past. But as night falls and wolves prowl, Sophie discovers more than dreams in the crumbling palace of secrets.

Ava's Thoughts:

"The Wolf Princess" is about a girl named Sophie. She is a nobody compared to her two friends, a brainiac and a fashionista. She has always felt out of place, whether it be with her friends, her guardian or even in drab, rainy London. She dreams of going to Russia. Snowy Russia, where dreams come true.

When she seizes the chance to fulfill her dream, she takes it without second thought. The travel goes wrong, and is brought to the Volkonsky Winter Palace with her friends Delphine and Marianne. The princess who lives there seems a little off to Sophie, especially how serious she gets when the talk about finding the last wolf princess' string of diamonds, long enough to hang a man.

In  this book, Sophie finds her true identity and what the meaning of friendship really is.

I give this book a 9/10 because it was very captivating but I had to read it a couple times to understand the details as it went along.

This book is great for people who like fantasy and mysteries with a little bit of tragedy, sorrow and courage.




  1. This sounds pretty interesting. I want to know more about the princess.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this :) I like the setting; I don't know many books that take place in Russia!

  3. Look at that cover! Just the cover makes me need this but Ava's review was awesome and now I have to find it.

  4. This sounds like a pretty good adventure. I like when finding ones self is a big part of books. Thanks for the review!