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Frenzy Presents: Fall/Winter 14/15 YA Line-up from HarperCollins

It was a Frenzy!
The awesome HarperCollins Canada offices!

Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of joining my fellow YA Canadian bloggers in a Frenzy Presents Event, in which the amazing ladies of the Frenzy HarperCollins team introduced us to their exciting YA line-up for Fall and Winter 14/15! 

And let me tell you, my TBR list has gotten A LOT bigger since :)
Frenzy ladies holding their fav pick of the Fall/Winter Line-up

We chatted about YA got to take some goofy photos with props, oh and let's not forget about the awesome refreshments!

We then got to watch a slideshow presentation of Frenzy's most highly-anticipated upcoming YA releases (I took notes on all the buzz) *Cover images were taken from and

by James Frey 
Releasing October 7th/14.
Buzz: The movie rights have already been sold!
-The first of a trilogy
-Includes interactive puzzles that take you around the world (you might want to make some international friends) because the prize is $500,000 - NO IT'S TRUE- YOU COULD WIN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

by Page Rawl
Now Available
Buzz: A memoir of a brave young girl whom is HIV positive
- Important recommendation to Teachers
-Discusses the prevalent and universal issue of bullying

by Lesley Livingston
Releasing December 23rd
Buzz: Final chapter in Livingston's thrilling trilogy
-Written by a fabulous fellow Canadian (got to meet her in person- she really is awesome!)

by Sara Farizan
Releasing Oct. 7th/14.
Buzz: For fans of IF YOU COULD BE MINE
-Centres around the theme of acceptance

by Laura Ruby
Releasing Mar. 3/15.
Buzz: For fans of NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE YOU
-Contains dual perspective and eccentric characters
-Based on the Greek Myth of Persephone

by Amy Ewing
Releasing Sept. 2nd/14 (so close!)
-The Selection meets Handmaids tale
-Similar society to Hunger Games (i.e. rich vs. poor)

by Lauren Oliver
Releases Mar. 3/15
Buzz: Contemporary story of two sisters who could be more opposite
-Theme of learning to love yourself
-Contains mystery

by Amy Zhang
Releasing Sept. 9/14.
Buzz: Theme of different versions of yourself
-An unexpected ending!

by Jasmine Warga
Releasing Feb. 10/15.
Buzz: Deals with relevant mental heath issues
-Physics nerd obsessed with plotting her own death

by Victoria Aveyard
Releases Feb. 10th/15.
Buzz: Suman is obsessed with this book!
-Full of betrayal, death and love
-Fans of Game of Thrones will enjoy the tons of scheming that takes place in this book!

by Sara Shepard
Releases Oct. 7th/14.
Buzz: 5 completely different girls are thrown together and share a common dislike for one guy
-Contains murder and mystery

by Cynthia Hand
Releases Feb. 10th/15.
Buzz: Very emotional read
- Deals with the prevalent issue of suicide

So which release are you most excited for?!

That wasn't the end though! No, we had a great surprise waiting - YA trivia game hosted by the amazing EVE SILVER!!!

I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know my YA as well as I thought, but luckily my teammates (the awesome Ottawa bloggers) REALLY knew their stuff, and let me ride their coat tails to the win! Thank ladies! Haha

Eve signed finished copies of RUSH for everyone and we got to go home with a swag bag full of amazing goodies!

Here's what I got to go home with:

-Signed finished copies of CRUEL BEAUTY and RUSH
-A DVD of Divergent (so excited to watch!)
- A gorgeous swag bag (that I will use over and over again)
-Tons of awesome swag (postcards, bookmarks, hairbrush/mirror, lip balm)
-I also won a copy of the Soundtrack to Divergent but gave it away 

It truly was a Frenzy and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it!

Thank you so much Suman and the amazing ladies of the Frenzy team for an amazing afternoon!

Happy Reading!!!

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