Monday, February 13, 2012

I've Got Answers!

I'm answering the awesome fellow book blogger Jen Ryland's questions here on the blog today! She asked some that were right up my alley and some that had me scratching my head in wonder :). Here are my answers for you Jen!

Most favorite/least favorite household chore?
Favourite - Doing the dishes, I find it rather therapeutic haha
Least favourite - It's a tie between vacuuming and cleaning the toilet. I hate carrying around the heavy vacuum with me and I just don't like getting up close and personal with my toilet!

Makeup/beauty item you can't live without?
Umm, I'm going to go with eos lip balm!- Love it!

Go-to karaoke song?
Journey! Steve Perry is my soulmate haha, so either "Don't Stop Believe'n" or "Oh Sherry" but I like to replace 'Sherry' with 'Hayley' hehe!

Morning person or night person?
Night person definitely! I have a hard time functioning before 12pm most days :).

Favorite thing to eat at a movie theater?
Peanut M&Ms over top of Butter Popcorn- mmm delicious, now I want to go watch a movie with a nice bowl of it!

If you won a free trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Hmm... I'm going to say either Scotland, because it's so green (I kid you not, that's why I've always wanted to go there) or Australia because it looks like such a scenic change from Toronto!

E-reader or paper books?
Gah! BOTH, I love physical books, I usually buy a ton a week from work, but I also really love my Kindle and appreciate the doors that e-readers/books have opened for many indie publishers and authors. So many great writers out there, who's work I never would have known or read if it hadn't been for Journey (that's what I named my Kindle :) )

Which TV/reality show would you love to make an appearance on?
I'll say So You Think You Can Dance, because I've always wanted to be part of one their routines! So You Think Can Dance, Bi#@$ I know I can! (Side note: I actually can't dance to save my life haha).

Favorite Olympic event (summer or winter) to watch?
Swimming/Syncro for Summer, it's the only sport I'm actually good at haha! As a Canadian I should probably say Hockey for winter, but I really love watching the pairs figure/dance skating.

Do you have any weird phobias or superstitions?
Holy crap are you kidding?! I'm a walking bundle of nerves, I worry about EVERYTHING! I'm sure I'll give myself an ulcer before I hit 30.

Ok those are my answers for the lovely Jen and I had a blast answering them, I hope you all enjoyed reading them! Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Do you agree/disagree with my answers?

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Happy Reading!!!

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  1. A walking bundle of nerves? I thought that was me. People say I hide it well...