Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BOX OF ARCS CONTEST! The Fall/Winter 14/15 Edition

Hello all!!!

As promised, I have brought to you, my next BOX OF ARCS contest!!!

Now this contest is going to run a little differently, I have been going through all my books and ARCs over and over, and trying to hone in my tendency to hoard books that I'll never have the opportunity to read.

And as such, I am bringing a couple of boxes of ARCs to my awesome old bookstore co-workers, and I've put aside some reads I thought Ava would enjoy reviewing...


I also put aside a box of ARCs just for YOU!!!

The winner will receive AT LEAST 10 ARCs (of their choice) pictured above, it may be more depending on my Christmas shopping :), but you're guaranteed 10 of your choice, to enter fill out the rafflecopter below.

  • Unfortunately shipping costs are super expensive so I can only open this giveaway to Canada/U.S. residents. But I do have an international Amazon card giveaway going on right now so be sure to visit my contest page to enter before it's too late :)
  • However, if you know someone who lives in Canada or the U.S. who is ok receiving this prize pack, please feel free to enter (with their permission of course :))
  • Contest entrants must be 13 years of age or older
  • Once the winner has been announced (On the rafflecopter in THIS post) it is their responsibility to email me their winner acknowledgement, choice of ARCs, and mailing information -- this is very important please check back on this post to not miss out on your prize
  • I will announce the winner for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks, I will take down the announcement and the prizes will go into the next BOX OF ARCs giveaway
  • For further contest details- please refer to my blog page

Good luck to all! :)

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Entered as: Jessica

    This is such a great opportunity! I'm Canadian too, which is awesome. Quick question: I wasn't sure what you meant by "comment on 3 posts". Does that mean each option was to comment on 1 post, or comment on three posts for each entry? I just commented on every single post from Nov/ December so far. Please don't disqualify me! ;-)

  2. For some reason when I enter and refresh, it says I have 0 entries even though I'm sure I entered... so I did it again and it still says I have 0. (entered as Alice)

    1. Hi Alice! Happy New Year, I'm sorry for the difficulties but I checked all the entries before announcing the winner and I counted 17 entries for you- does that sound right?

  3. Like Alice said, when I entered and hit refresh, it said I have zero entries, although I've entered multiple times as Beverly.

    1. Hi Bev! I'm so sorry for the frustration and confusion, I have two separate Beverlys entered in this giveaway, can you give me the first letter of your last name so I can verify your entries?

    2. My last name starts with a K.

    3. Hi Bev, I counted 9 entries for you before I announced the winner. Again I'm so sorry for any confusion :)

  4. Hi Everyone! Happy New Year, I'm waiting to hear back from a couple entries, I apologize to anyone who experienced difficulties during this giveaway. I will announce the winner either tomorrow or Thursday depending on when I hear back. But if you didn't win this time, not to worry! I will be starting a new box of ARCs giveaway on Friday!!! :)

    1. Hi, I'm Z.R. I've just sent you an email with my contact info. BTW in case I've missed the claim deadline, sorry and thanks for the chance.