Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CREEPS Blog Tour: Spotlight and Author Guest Post

Hey Everyone! Please join me in welcoming Darren Hynes to the blog today, for the next stop on the CREEPS blog tour!
By: Darren Hynes
Publisher: Razorbill Canada
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Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
Fifteen-year-old Wayne Pumphrey wishes he were courageous enough to actually send the heartfelt letters he writes to friends and family. He also wishes his father would drive on the right side of the street, his mother would stop packing her suitcase to leave, and his sister would stop listening to Nickelback. But most of all, he wishes that Pete “The Meat” would let him walk to school in peace. After all, how many times can one person eat yellow snow?

Then one morning, while facing Pete and his posse, Wayne is rescued by Marjorie, the girl with a dead father and a mother who might as well be. Together, the two of them escape Pete’s relentless bullying by rehearsing for the school play, and an unlikely friendship is formed. As they grow ever closer to one another, they begin to dream of escape from their small town and restricted lives. But Pete now has plans for both of them—and after a moment of sudden violence, nothing will ever be the same again for Wayne, Marjorie, or Pete himself.

About the Author:
Darren was born in Fogo Island, Newfoundland, but grew up in Labrador City. For fifteen
years Darren was a professional actor, having worked in many of the regional theatres in Canada as well as in film/television. In 2006 he was a student at The Humber School for Writers in Toronto. Creative Book Publishing (Killick Press) published his first novel, Flight, in 2010. His first Young Adult novel, Creeps, will be published this summer by Penguin Canada (Razorbill).

Presently, Darren is enrolled in the MFA Creative Writing program at The University of
Guelph. He lives in Toronto and is working on his third novel.

Connect with Darren:
Author website 

Author Guest Post: Overcoming Your Bully

  I remember listening to an interview between UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre and Jian Ghomeshi on ‘Q’ several weeks ago in which George talked about being picked on as a young boy. He said that bullies tend to pick on victims who lack confidence and/or appear weak. Only after finding martial arts and self-discipline and confidence, Georges said, did the victimization stop.  We all can’t be fighting champions of course, but I still think that the victims of bullying can stand up and overcome their bullies.

It’s important for victims to believe in themselves and not to think there’s anything wrong with them. I know someone close to me who’s been bullied for most of his school life and I can say with confidence that he’s one of the most charming, funny, sensitive boys I’ve ever known – qualities which will serve him well in his life. There’s strength in numbers, I think. Anti-bullying groups are a great way for victims to take power back. Also parents and teachers need to get involved, as well as students who are witnesses to the abuse. It takes a lot of courage to confront a bully, but speaking up for those less sure of themselves sends a strong message to bullies that violence and ridicule will not be tolerated.

I think we need to look at the bullies themselves too. Oftentimes there’s trouble in the home. No kid grows up desiring to hurt others. It’s a learned behaviour, I think, and therefore it can be unlearned.

We overcome our bullies when we find worth within ourselves. We overcome our bullies when we stand up for one another. We overcome our bullies when everyone gets involved. We overcome our bullies when we come to understand that bullying affects us all and therefore has no place in a civilized society.

Thanks for stopping by Darren and sharing your thoughts on such a prevalent and sensitive topic.

Have you ever had a bully you had to overcome?

Happy Reading!!!


  1. This is such a pressing issue and I enjoy books with such topics or themes :)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Arra, it's truly unfortunate how right you are. You should definitely give Creeps a try :)