Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BEA Re-cap/What's the Story McCoy?

It happened! It finally happened, I went to Book Expo of America, this is an event I've been dying to attend for the past THREE YEARS. No joke, for the last three years I've planned out my entire trip and than something would come up and I'd have to post-pone til the following year. I couldn't attend BEA11 because I was offered a Summer internship at HarlequinTEEN (and I'm sure you all can understand how I just COULDN'T pass up that amazing opportunity.

Than I was unable to attend BEA12 due to a death in the family, and it really wasn't the right time to go away, and to be honest, I was almost unable to attend BEA this year, it came so close but I said "Hayley, NO! You've postponed this dream for far to long."

And so I went, and...

Both BEA and New York kicked my ass! But in the best possible way (if that makes sense). People warn you about being exhausted at the end of the day and they're not lying. I basically passed out as
Divergent Nations preparing to hand-out awesome
Allegiance swag bags!
soon as I got back to my hotel (which I had to walk back to because I couldn't get a freakin Taxi to stop for me, to save my life!) My suitcase was completely full when I got back each day, and I'd empty it out only to fill it back up all over again the following day.

SO MANY BOOKS! This trip definitely didn't help with my Book Hoarding habit (watch out for a new Book Hoarding Post next week! :))

The best part of BEA, other than ALL THE BOOKS, was meeting so many fabulous people, not even just book bloggers, authors and publishers, but fellow book lovers.

A "quieter" moment in the autographing area
I met two awesome ladies while waiting in line to be let in to be let in to the Expo floor, each morning. We didn't plan it, we just always ended up arriving at the same time. And these ladies were amazing, seriously, it was fabulous meeting you guys (if you're reading this post). One offered to send me ARCs from ComicCon (amazing!) and the other gave me her finished copy of The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen, after waiting in line (one of the longest lines might I add). While waiting in line to have False Sight signed by the gorgeous Dan Kroskos, I hear "Hey Hayley! Do you want a copy of this?" and she just hands me her copy of Dessen's latest release, after waiting in line for a good hour- how awesome is that, people?
Alethea Kontis signing ARCs of Hero, she wore
a crown! :)

I met SO MANY amazing bloggers, and have a ton of new business cards to add to my list! It was great to chat with fellow bloggers while waiting in line to get a book signed, because there seems to be this camaraderie between us all, if one needed to go catch a galley drop, we would hold there place in line and than they would come back with a copy for each of us. It was just so great and
humbling to meet such great people. Book people really rock, seriously! I'm not going to mention specific blogger names because I met so many and I would feel awful if I missed any specific names, but it was wonderful to meet you all and I hope you all had a fabulous time as well.

And my suggestion to those who really want to attend- just do it! Start saving now for next year, because it is an experience that you won't want to miss, trust me!

Happy Reading!!!

Here's a couple vlogs of my favourite books I picked up at BEA, I don't want to showboat, but I've had some people asking for pics, so here they are!

Adult/New Adult ARCs/Finished Copies

And here are the YA ARCs!!!

Happy Reading to you all!!!


  1. So glad you could make it this year!!

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    1. *face palm* Thanks for letting me know Kellie! :)