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Indie Review: Written in Malice by Riley Gray

Written in Malice (Laced, #1.5)
By: Riley Gray
Written in Malice on Goodreads here. 
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
When Zara Smart started at Birchtree, Oliver knew there was going to be trouble; he just didn't know the trouble would be his.

There is nothing Oliver Nixon wouldn't do for his twin sister. So when Lizzie enlists his help to corrupt the innocent Principal's daughter, Zara Smart, he automatically agrees. It's not exactly a chore to bed the new girl, and the challenge is definitely alluring.

But there's something different about Zara. She worms her way into his head and makes him question everything he ever thought he believed in. And then she begins to worm her way into his heart.

Oliver is torn. Torn between his loyalty to his sister, who can not and will not leave Zara's reputation alone. And torn between the feelings growing for the girl he's got no choice but to destroy. 

Blood is thicker than water, after all. Even if that blood is poison.

*Told in Oliver's POV, this book tells Laced in Malice from a new perspective with new scenes and an insight into the Nixon's family secrets. Recommended for those 16 and above due to scenes of a sexual nature.*

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My Thoughts:
Ahh!!!! This series just gets hotter and hotter!

I am now in love with Oliver more than ever! Seriously, you can never have too much Oli! :)

I was thrilled when Riley asked if I would review Written in Malice, because I was a HUGE fan of her debut, Written in Deceit (Laced #1)- you can see my review of this title here. Although, you don't really need to have read Written in Deceit to be able to follow Written in Malice, but I so recommend you do!

To be perfectly honest, I'm not a fan of the whole re-telling from the "Hero's" P.O.V. fad that seems to be taking over the New Adult genre, I usually feel like these books are just a regurgitation of story and events we've all already read. HOWEVER, there are always exceptions to every rule, and Written in Malice is definitely an exception. It felt like a whole new story and I really enjoyed getting to experience scenes that Zara wasn't a witness to, but what I loved the most was getting into Oliver's head. It was so great to experience the change that overcomes Oli as he spends more time with Zara and his feelings for her grow into the sexiest kind of love!

Oddly enough, while I really enjoyed getting the inside scoop on Oliver and Lizzie's sibling bond, my feelings toward Lizzie have not changed in the slightest, if anything, I think I may dislike her even more. Don't get me wrong, she's been through a disturbing amount of stress, but that doesn't give her the right to treat her peers as cruelly as she does.

This series is definitely for a more mature audience as Riley knows how to write herself some good steamy scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of this companion instalment and I can't wait to see what Gray will do next with Oli and Zara, I personally would love to see Oli chase Zara a bit more, because he's just so good at it!

If you enjoy sexy New Adult titles where an innocent girl meets resident unattainable playboy- you must try out this series! You will not be disappointed!

I am completely addicted to this series and am now not-so-patiently waiting to get my hands on Laced in Deceit (Laced #2) due out in July 2013! 

Happy Reading!!!

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