Thursday, November 8, 2012

2nd Annual Blog Squad Meet-Up Recap

Hey Everyone! I'm a little late with this post, but this week has been insane! So here's the scoop:

Earlier last week I came home to a very angry sister who stated:
"You owe me big, I had to carry all of those boxes of books from the other side of the house, in the rain."
My response:
"Did the books get wet?"
My sister was not so impressed, haha.

So I go to see how many boxes she actually had to carry and was overwhelmed with the mountain of books that HarlequinTEEN sent to my house for Blog Squad Meet-Up!

There were about 7 or 8 boxes of Finished copies and ARCs (I forgot to take a pic of all the boxes together "face smack")
Look at those beauties!

Here are some close-ups!

There was so many! It seriously felt like Christmas rather than Halloween :)

They also sent over a very heavy box of Catalogs!

But let's not forget the ARCs!

Thanks so much, again, to Mary and HarlequinTEEN who generously donated enough books that every attendee received 2+ titles!

I tried to pack the books down into 5 boxes to make it easier for Nicole from Nicole About Town but it wasn't necessary because she had bought a dolly- smart girl!

And then there was the day of the event, which rocked!

Here I am with my table-mates the awesome bloggers (from front left):
Danielle @ Bookish Notions
Ashley @ Book Labyrinth
Kellie @ ReaWrite a.k.a. Joan of ARCs (Love this name!)

Really enjoyed meeting all these lovely ladies, it's always nice to talk books with other book lovers. There was a lot of commotion going on all over and I didn't get to meet everyone, but there is always next year!

But I did get to meet some awesome authors as well, including Maureen McGowan, who is awesome by the way, Elizabeth Miles who signed my finish copy of Envy! and the absolutely outrageous and hilarious Lesley Livingston! Seriously, that girl doesn't have an off-switch, and I loved it! haha

(from the left) Lesley Livingston, Me, Danielle and Elizabeth Miles

Of course I can't finish this post without showing you the goods I received in my goodie bag:
Super excited for these goodies, especially Sever!!!

Can't have swagger without a little swag!

That's my recap! Huge thank you to the Blog Squad gals for all their hard work in organizing such a successful event (I wish it could be bi-annual) and big thank you to the authors and publishers for their time and generous donations!

Happy Reading!!!

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