Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane

Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
Publisher: Del Rey
Source: E-ARC from Publisher
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:
Magic-wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush. But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls—and taking the innocent with them, as the magic-infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possible.
As if the streets weren’t scary enough, the looming war between the two men in her life explodes, taking even more casualties and putting Chess squarely in the middle. Downside could become a literal ghost town if Chess doesn’t find a way to stop both the war and the dark wave of death-magic, and the only way to do that is to use both her addiction and her power to enter the spell and chase the magic all the way back to its malevolent source. Too bad that doing so will probably kill Chess—if the war doesn’t first destroy the man who’s become her reason for living.

WARNING!!! Before you read this review, please note that this is a review of Book #5 in the Downside series, and as such, may contain some spoilers for books 1-4. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :)

My thoughts:
I love this series! It only gets better with each installment.

Kane has created such a unique world with Downside.The dialogue and environment is so violent and depressing, but I never feel depressed while reading this series, because the characters and their interaction are truly what make this series stand out. Downside truly is a fitting name, because those who live and work there are basically scraps from the bottom of the barrel as Chess claims (addicts, criminals, dealers etc.) 

Chess has got to be one of the most interesting female characters currently in the Urban Fantasy genre. She's a protagonist and the antagonist of the plot. She's brave in the sense that she constantly puts herself in danger for the greater good, fighting criminals at every turn. HOWEVER, she also selfish and commits A LOT of crimes herself, the biggest being her drug addiction. Of course, she rationalizes her abuse by stating that she needs them to keep her sane so she can continue to do her duty to the Church (not the Church you're thinking of though :)) . I guess what I'm trying to say is- Chess straddles the line between of good and bad. Ultimately it's a question of whether or not the means justify the ends, but I believe that Chess does always have good motives behind her actions. She's definitely a self-destructive character with many bad habits, but as the reader, you can't help but root for her as she struggles with dilemma after dilemma.

Now on to who I believe is the true hero of this series- TERRIBLE! Don't let the name fool you folks, Terrible is all the best parts of this series. He's the glue that holds Chess and the Downside series together. I seriously would hate to think of a Downside in which Terrible didn't exist! He's strong and brutal with his enemies, but he's also gentle and caring with Chess (seriously I think I swoon with every "Chessiebomb" he utters :)). While he may not be the most well-educated man, what he lacks in book smarts he more than makes up for in street smarts and he's always there when Chess needs him. I hope to find a man as devoted to me, as Terrible is to Chess. He's like a gentle giant- lethal when necessary but has a big heart. And I must mention, the romance between this two while sweet is also steamy! A couple scenes in this book had me blushing haha.

I also loved seeing Lex in this installment, although I feel that there is still a lot of unresolved feelings between him and Chess. I hope we get to see some clarity between these two in future books!

If you're into Urban Fantasy with unique characters, an exciting environment and an epic romance, than pick up Kane's Downside series- you won't be disappointed!

Overall, great continuation to a stellar series! Bring on book 6 PLEASE!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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